Innovation Roadtrips in Amsterdam

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Here are some of the places and organizations we visit in Amsterdam:

Is an intensive programme that helps start-ups from all over the world to evolve their companies from idea to the market in just 100o days.

Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek
The Netherlands Journalism Fund is a government funded and independent organization aimed at financing projects from news organizations and new journalistic initiatives in order to sustain journalism, which is a necessary element in a democratic society.

Looks to increase the enthusiasm about the amazing possibilities of Additive Manufacturing, also called 3D-printing. Assembl3d and her sub divisions are aiming to further the 3D-printing phenomenon in The Netherlands in order to help build the competitiveness of the Dutch knowledge economy.

THNK – School of Creative Leadership
Through their leadership programs they accelerate the development of next generation creative leaders at the intersection of business, public and social worlds, and catalyze breakthrough solutions to the world’s societal challenges.

The Next Web
The Next Web is a technology focused media company founded in 2006. It manages several initiatives focused on international technology news, business and culture.

Event at Impact Hub Amsterdam
What the VONK? Co-creation, sustainable innovation, art and inspiration – An evening of co-creation around sustainable innovation, art and inspiration where the audience thinks along with an entrepreneur’s case.

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